Enhancing Public Safety In Volusia County, Florida

Supporting Our Public Safety

This first edition of Impact is the start of something special. In these pages, you’ll find stories that exemplify the kind of organization we’ve been building at the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. With the support of the public and Sheriff’s Foundation, we’re using innovation, creativity and technology to stay at the leading edge of public safety in America.

So much of the work our men and women put into the protection of Volusia County will never make the news. The reality is that good police work, successful problem solving and peaceful resolution of dangerous situations just aren’t the kind of stories that make headlines. Far away from the spotlight of the news and social media, our deputies, detectives and staff are making a difference for the people we serve every single day.

That’s where Impact comes in. My hope is that this publication will show you the kind of progress that happens when our men and women in law enforcement are provided the tools and the support they need to make this community stronger and safer for all. When we succeed, we succeed together – and thanks in large part to the community’s support, we’re seeing plenty of that success come to fruition today.

My thanks go out to all of you who have played a role in the Impact we’re making on Volusia County, and I look forward to sharing many more accomplishments with you as we keep moving forward.


Sheriff Mike Chitwood

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Law enforcement foundations are neither new nor unique. They come out of the reality that good law enforcement is not cheap, and budgets rarely keep up with what is needed to serve and protect at the highest level. The Volusia County Sheriff's Foundation is focused on complementing the policing strategies of the Sheriff's Office to ensure the highest level of service to everyone who lives in, works in and visits Volusia County.

- Mike Chitwood

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